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australian elopement in barcelona

Australian elopement in Barcelona

We are very happy to begin this new year by featuring an australian elopement in Barcelona , the one of  sweet Ana and Patrick. It wasn’t our first australian wedding but yes our first australian elopement and we always feel honoured to see  people coming from so far away to get married our gorgeous city …

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Great Gatsby’s wedding

This is a truly great Gatsby’s wedding that Janet and Max wanted for their special day, and that’s what they had. Crystal chandeliers, garlands of lights, voilage hanging from the ceiling, necklaces of pearls, bling bling and tons a feathers were used for this the luxury decoration. The centerpieces were impressive,  stressing out all the …

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La primera boda en el tibidabo : la boda de la felicidad (2/2)

Hacía tiempo que deseaba escribir el segundo post de La Primera Boda Tibidabo. Una boda que ha marcado un antes y un después en la percepción que se tiene de la profesión de Wedding Planner, que no es decorar una mesa o recomendar el color de los manteles, sino que va mucho más allá, como …

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A rustic chic wedding on the hill full of details

A spanish/dutch wedding I had a really good feeling when Beatriz contacted me for the 1st time, asking for information. They wanted a rustic chic wedding  and I thought “I wish I can organize her wedding”… Over the emails, skype and meetings, the connection between us increased indeed. Beatriz, born in Netherlands from Spanish parents …

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Gaudi wedding in Barcelona : a historical ceremony

A ceremony in a historical Gaudi house. Melissa and Will, our so nice american couple, wanted a Gaudi wedding in Barcelona. They wished a intimate ceremony with just both of them, simple but deep in feelings and love into a exceptional environment. And there is no more romantic way to do it than a mix …

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A multicultural wedding in Barcelona

A multicultural wedding in Barcelona. Attieha, the bride, is from Rwanda (her mother) and Siria (her father) meanwhile Ashraf, the groom is from Pakistan and Rwanda too. And both live in Quebec, Canada. Did l already told you that l love planning multicultural weddings ? In this case, l had the big honour to live …

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