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How to make the right choice in unique wedding venues

Brides-to-be have so many decisions to make to create the wedding of their dreams. One of the toughest decisions is the venue, especially now that the trend is to choose a unique place. The trick is to choose a place that you love, that will look gorgeous in your photos, that will enhance your guests’ experience, and that is practical enough to accommodate your special day. Our tips will help guide your choice.

Visit the Venues

With all of the online research brides do, it’s tempting to see a photo of a venue like a garden, museum, or library and fall in love with it. But, seeing a photo online is vastly different than visiting the venue in person. Don’t be fooled into putting a deposit on a venue out of fear of losing your date before you see it. The Knot recommends that you tour potential venues and ask questions, make notes, meet the staff and see which feels one right. Make sure that the venue style fits the vision of your wedding.

Determine what the walking or driving distance is from the ceremony location and how easily guests will be able to make the trek to it from their hotels. Ask for specific numbers on how many guests can fit comfortably, rather than how many the space accommodates. There’s nothing worse than making your guests feel cramped during a reception that is supposed to be fun.

During your visit, get specific answers about which services are offered in which packages. If you truly love the venue but it will take you over budget, you’ll have to decide if you can cut other things from your wedding and if the venue is worth it. Be sure to ask about inclusive packages for the site, food, rentals and professionals and whether there is an on-site coordinator. Don’t get caught with a much higher than anticipated bill because you assumed services were included.

Consider a Personal Venue

Nothing will make your venue more unique than choosing a meaningful location. For example, you and your soon-to-be spouse may have a favorite hiking spot or a spot in a forest where you took your first walk together. If this is the case, you are sure to have a unique venue because it holds sentimental value for you as a couple.

Just be sure to consider the challenges associated with an outdoor wedding in a rural location. You likely will not have access to electricity, so you should plan an afternoon wedding there and then choose a different reception venue. Rural venues also may not have restroom facilities, so keep that in mind when you plan the length of your ceremony. You’ll also likely need permission from a local recreation authority, so be sure to secure permits well in advance to reserve the space.

It may be better for you to have a backyard wedding if you are worried about the complications of being married in a location off the beaten path. You may choose to be married in the backyard of your significant other’s or your own childhood home or the backyard of your new home. You will be sure to have electricity and restroom facilities when you have a backyard wedding. You’ll also guarantee an intimate setting that you can control more easily than a public hiking area.

Make the Space Your Own

If you do choose to have a backyard wedding, consider adding an arbor or pergola for the occasion. These structures can be built to suit the style of your wedding and are a perfect place to add candles or flowers to frame your ceremony with a focal point. You’ll also add shade and some protective cover from the elements during your ceremony. According to ImproveNet, “most homeowners spend between $2,459 and $3,802 nationally” to build an arbor, pergola, or trellis. When you build an outdoor feature for your wedding, you will have a reminder of your special day for years to come. You’ll also increase the home’s resale value.

The right unique venue will make your wedding day as special as can be. Be sure to visit potential venues and ask questions. Consider a personal venue and make the space your own to have the most meaningful wedding possible.

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