Why choosing a professional wedding photographer ?

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Today l’d like to talk about why choosing a professional wedding photographer .

As per my experience, lots of brides and grooms decide to go along with a «photographer-guest». This guest is honored to be the official photographer, it’s besides for him a perfect, emotional and priceless gift.On the other side, the couple is happy to have the pictures made by a friend, no cost solution and no possible headaches with the adventure of finding THE photographer.

But, at the end of the day, when they receive the pictures, l had lots of couples (specially the brides) who regret that decision. Because of:

–          The quality of the pictures

–          The numbers  of the pictures

–          The etiquette

–          The delivery

The newlyweds receive a low quality pictures, taken from the same angle, no originality, no surprise, the pictures are not retouched, sometimes with poor resolution…a basic coverage.

Meanwhile the professional photographer is able to lay down on the floor in order to take the perfect picture.  He gives you all the optimized and retouched material and adds  his personal “l don’t know what” that makes the difference between a normal moment and a magical picture.

The numbers of pictures delivered is also important. L mean l ‘ve seen brides receiving only 150  pictures of their weddings. A professional photographer can make easily 2000 pictures that day. You have to think that the “photographer-guestt” – as any other guest- has dinner and nice talks with people… he has fun, dance etc

On the other hand, the professional photographer is exclusively shooting you. So more pictures and more options to get the beautiful photo.

Regarding the protocol, the professional photographer knows all the steps of the ceremony, he knows when he has to be ready for the kiss, the exchange of rings… he knows that after the signature, there’s the exit so he can preview his next step and shoot. Meanwhile the “photographer-guest” lives exclusively the moment and do not preview anything. What will be the result? He will shoot the back of the couple, instead of their happy faces receiving the rice (it really happened like that)

To finish,  the delivery.  We work with professional photographers who are used to work with a deadline. Most of our photographers are quick and within the week they upload a selection of pictures online into a private gallery that you can share after with your guests.

Please think about all these points and remember that the photos (and the video) are the unique record you will have after the wedding, ever and ever.

Credit photos:

By fotógrafos  (the 3 first ones)

Oliver and Viladoms Studio (the 3 last ones)

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  1. Hay gente que se lo sigue planteando. Pensamos y gastamos en otras cosas más superficiales y efímeras en el día de nuestra boda. Sin embargo, luego hay gente que no da valor a trabajos profesionales de fotografía y vídeo. En nuestra trayectoria, hemos podido observar muchos trabajos en bodas con muchas posibilidades realizados por invitados, que obviamente no reflejan el día como a la pareja les hubiese gustado. Lamentablemente, ya no se puede volver atrás y son momentos irrepetibles.

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