Hi! l’m Carole Bipat,  a french wedding planner based in Barcelona, Spain.

«Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.»

This is the philosophy of work l want to provide to each of my weddings.

Welcome to my world of fresh lavender, deep emotions and parties with mojitos till the sunrise. We prepare elegant and most of all tailor-made weddings. This is the only way we conceive to respond to your visions (or your craziest wishes) and to create unique and beautiful weddings.

With over 10 years of experience in destination weddings in Barcelona and Costa Brava, we do understand what are your needs. We will source you the exceptional venue with this spanish flair you were dreaming of, we will create this classy and one-off event that emphasizes the WOW factor and we will add our touch of bespoke decor, fantastic design and fun services that will allow you to enjoy a totally stress-free and festive day with all your guests.

By hiring us, you will no only get an experienced and established local wedding planner,  but you will ensure a reliable and professional team of vendors. Altogether we will do the impossible to make this magic happens.

Our weddings have been featured in remarkable wedding blogs like Wedding chicks Ruffled, Bridal musings, Wedding Style Magazine UK or Telva novias.

And we can’t thank all our couples enough  for their testimonials they left us. For us this is the best gift.

l would be honoured to be part of your wedding day.

Contact me for more information, and let’s have a chat!

Relax and Enjoy!

Carole Bipat – Owner of Marry me in Spain


l’m from Paris and though l love my city, l decided to follow, years ago, the sun  and  the sea of Barcelona.

My favourite sports are Badminton and Volley-Ball that l used to play in competition. Due to a lesion, l’m going addicted to a new sport : Jazz Modern Dance & Commercial Dance.

I love chocolate under all its shapes. Actually l’m a «sweet» person and l would prefer to begin with the dessert instead of the starter if l had the possibility to.

My favourite fruit that l can’t stop eating when it’s the season is the litchi.

My weaknesses are Tea and Mojitos. I drink tea all day !  My favourite one is a mix of pieces of apples, hibiscus, strawberries and oranges. Very refreshing. And what can l tell about Mojitos? They are essential for a perfect party with friends.

l love my job and work a LOT!, even if it’s late evening/night, I may respond to your enquiry. Ask  my vendors. they will confirm :-). l love planning and organizing around.

And the best way for me to disconnect is travelling (my last trip was to Guatemala and Belize which open your mind and your tolerance).

Credit Photos: Oliver & Viladoms Studio


Discover the making of one of our breathtaking weddings with mims, magicians, balloons (and dove!) release, dancers..You can’t miss it!

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