A spectacular seaview and nature inspired wedding

This is a spectacular seaview wedding that you can not miss. Richelle and Patrick are from United States and met here in Barcelona. They were highly busy at work, juggling moving houses, new job locations and of course the wedding.

It was very easy working with them though. Richelle and Patrick  knew clearly what they wanted (it helps so much!). They wanted a spectacular seaview wedding, a stylish  but not “bling bling” decoration, a relaxed and laid back day to share with their friends and a nature themed day.

We have been working on that their wedding, offering, selecting, proposing venues, decorations, creative ideas, favours, flowers, colors of the water glass, material of the underplate, style of the chairs… We have been talking about logistics, timeline, accommodation for their guests… And we made it!

The best of this day was definitely to see how Richelle and Patrick were relaxed this day. They could enjoy 100% with their friends and relatives. 100% stress-free and smooth wedding.

The Nature-inspired wedding theme was such a bliss to work with. The luxury venue were already full of gorgeous trees and greenery, surrounded by a spectacular seaview and a typical catalan house that we love. We chose to enhance the decor without overdecorate. Something minimalist yet very elegant and delicate. The palette of colors were white and green with some complements of material like the wood, a light touch of Golden and of course a truly essential element : the lighting. In order to enhance the warmth and conviviality of the outdoor dinner we chose to have lots of candles with different shapes, supports and heigh on the tables, but also hanging lights as a backdrop of the top table and of string of lights for the final flawless touch.

What you cannot miss:

  • The beautifully asymmetrical arch for the ceremony. We wanted to have something areal, delicately “messy” and organic. We used a lot of greenery with a minimal floral touch.
  • The pai pai program… we had a story with them… actually we had to made them locally a 2d time in 24h sharp (the ones originally ordered overseas were blocked by the spanish customs).
  • The napkins folding… it was clear in our minds that we wanted this folding (and with a branch of eucalytus). It took us nearly 1h and a half to have them folded properly as we wanted but the result was worthing it.
  • The enlightened backrop of the top table, with different hanging vases with candles.
  • The exit of the ceremony. Instead of the rose petals (or rice) we chose small and long white flowers with olive leaves beautifully set in a golden tray.

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