Chic american wedding in Costa Brava with an amazing floral decor

america wedding costa brava

We are thrilled to share this new wedding : our chic american wedding in Costa Brava where the chic, the costa brava scenery , and a truly amazing floral decor were present in this multicultural wedding.

Marlene the bride is half german, half Spanish and chose to marry Sean, a 100% American groom. Both live in USA.

Due to this melting pot and people coming from all over the world, all the communications (speeches, invitations, menus…) were in these 3 languages.

The mix were also in  Sean’s and his bestmen’s socks, the » wine porrón» (typical Spanish bottle to drink wine)  or the «bastonnets show», a typical dance of Costa Brava with bells and wooden sticks we enjoyed just after the church (surprise for the newlyweds)

We kept the theme of chic but rustic, elegant but colorful to create amazing centerpieces (and bouquet!) with huge peonies with orange color inside (l have to confess that l’m love of this kind of peonies) : Roses jane Austin, peonies, olive leave, ranunculuncus and lavender.

Lavender was one of the favourite Marlene’s flowers. We placed then lavender seeds for the exit (instead of the traditional petals of rose), in the seating chart and of course in the bouquet and boutonniere.

The cherry on the top was  definitely the amazing floral decor of the wooden doors we used to welcome people and make pictures after using it as a backdrop. And don’t forget to look at the gorgeous 4 tiered naked cake, with fresh flowers and greenery, keeping the same style of all the wedding.

Each wedding is different, each couple has their own dream wedding, in this case we loved to be part of this fresh, young, funny, colorful and…very romantic wedding. Marlene was beautiful with this dress and the floral crown in her hair. And Sean a sweet dreamer. Thank you guys for your spontaneity and your sweetness. Congratulation! Felicidades! herzlichen Glückwunsch!

  rustic-chic-wedding-1_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-2_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-3_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-4_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-5_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-6_765x509 marrymeinspain letters     rustic-chic-wedding-8_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-9_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-10_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-11_765x509 lavender ceremony rustic-chic-wedding-13_765x509 bastonnets baileChic american wedding in Costa Brava rustic-chic-wedding-15_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-16_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-17_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-18_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-19_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-20_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-21_765x509fans lavender rustic-chic-wedding-22_765x509 Chic american wedding in Costa Brava rustic-chic-wedding-24_765x509 Chic american wedding in Costa Brava rustic-chic-wedding-26_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-27_765x509 Chic american wedding in Costa Brava rustic-chic-wedding-29_765x509 Chic american wedding in Costa Bravafloral backdropChic american wedding in Costa Brava  Chic american wedding in Costa Brava Chic american wedding in Costa Brava  rustic-chic-wedding-31_765x509rustic-chic-wedding-35_765x509 rustic-chic-wedding-36_765x509Credit Photos: Say Cute!

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