English styled wedding in Costa Brava with the most romantic bouquet

We were lucky  enough to organize so many nice weddings this year (and a lot in Costa Brava) that it would be hard to choose the most memorable one.

But certainly I can tell  that Sam and Angus ‘s wedding was memorable for their unique english styled wedding and their most romantic bouquet l have ever seen. Never, ever.

So this sweet couple, from England, chose to have their wedding in Costa Brava, in a authentic masia with a large backyard which allows a dinner al fresco, under the strings of fairy lights and the view of the 100 years old trees.  They wanted an english styled decoration, which meant profusion of greenery,  classic stones cups full of flowers and leaves, and a setting in front of a beautiful stone arch decorated with a garland of greenery . And we cannot forget the sun hats and parasols for wedding favors.

During the appetizers, the guests could listen a duet of flamenco guitarrists, had some rest on the lounge area with parasols, poufs and cushions, discovered the pictures of Sam and Angus ‘s love story attached around a big tree, picked themselves some fresh beers into a wheelbarrow full of ice,  or could look for their names on the beautiful canvas seating plan.

The dinner by the pool, with two long tables wanted to be convivial and welcoming. We placed some candles and fairy lights which gave a truly magical atmosphere, especially when the night came. The long wooden tables, without tablecloth, where we set a beautiful guarland of olive leaves with a touch of cream and pink roses, the green glasses, the cane under plates, the newlyweds’s chairs  also decorated with greenery, the branches of eucaliptus left  on each plate,  gave the final touch of this romantic and english styled wedding.

It was hard to select the photos to feature this blog. All the pictures of Pablo Laguia are stunning, especially the portrait ones. l hope you will like them! And to finish a huge thanks to Sam and Angus. Thank you to make this possible and allow us to be part of this day, xxx.

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  1. Carole, what a beautiful post!

    We couldn’t have had such a perfect day without your help. Your organisational skills, contacts and knowledge were just invaluable.

    To anybody reading this post and thinking of marrying in Spain, hire Carole as your Wedding Planner!

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