The hindu wedding of Reshmi and Patrick

Once upon a time The hindu wedding… Reshmi and Patrick are a such nice couple. It was a pleasure to work on their very special 3 wedding days. We worked hard with Reshmi  on every detail : wedding themes, alice in wonderland theme, indian menus, transportation, visa letters, decoration, place cards, mandap, church, shoes, accommodation, hindu priest, catholic priest, henna artists, flamenco show,  all the make up and hairstyle aspects, centerpieces… and believe me l have only mentioned half of the tasks.

Immediately after the  wedding  l  went on a short break. But the first 3 days  l was only dreaming of the wedding, singing the current hit in India (“Sheila lalalalal…you know l’m too sexy for you lalalala… better check there the song:, thinking in English (my brain could not express any fluent Spanish words anymore) dancing (Sheila again!) and both my eyes were full of so many colors and saris.

It was a truly memorable experience, and I  thank  Reshmi and Patrick  for trusting us to organize their dream wedding. We shared lots of nice and very happy moments, that for sure we’ll remember them again and  again in Barcelona or in London. Enjoy this post!

We’ll make 3 different posts, 1 per day. Let’s begin with the hindu wedding.

The day begun very early in the morning with an indian ritual. The bride and groom had to get up at the sunrise, eat something (and then  back to bed). After that they cannot eat anything  until the end of the day. After a short sleep, they got up again  for another ritual: the turmeric paste. The women (especially the groom women like his mother, sisters..) put this paste on the arms, breast and body of the groom.  Once it’s finished, they collect it, put it into a bowl and give it to  the bride women who  put the same paste to the face and arms of the bride. it’s very symbolic.

Credit photographersHappines – main shooter during the 3 days – and Natan 2d shooter for the hindu wedding.


Fue un placer conocer a Reshmi y Patrick. Con ellos nos embarcamos en la aventura de una boda católica-hindú en Barcelona con todos sus detalles: temas de bodas, Alicia en el país de la maravillas, menús y protocolo hindús, transporte, visados y cartas de invitación, decoración, seating, mandap, iglesia, zapatos de boda, alojamiento, curas hindú y católico, artistas de henna, espectáculo de Flamenco, todos los peinados y maquillajes de cada día, centros de mesa… y esta lista no llega a la mitad de los temas… En definitiva, LA boda que toda wedding planner desea organizar…

Empezaremos con el post del tercer día: la boda hindú. Una explosión de colores.

El día empezó con un ritual híndú: el novio se tiene que pintar la cara de curcuma y luego se pone esta misma pasta la novia. Es muy símbolico.

hindu wedding

Después del ritual tocaba la sesión de fotos de las invitadas que se vestían todas con el saari para este día tan especial. Un festival de colores, sonrisas y mucha alegría.

After the ritual,there was the shoot sessions with all the ladies getting dressed with the saree. A colourful, vibrant and full of happiness festival.

hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding

Para la ceremonia hindú se requería un recogido  muy limpo, muy sofísticado y con mucho volumen.

We are very proud of uhis updo and from Marry me in Spain we want to send a special thanks to Maria Jesús, the hair styler. According to the bride requests, this updo had to be very neat, very elegant and with lots of volume. Another condition: it had to look perfect for the hindu ceremony outfit but also for the reception dress after.

hindu wedding hindu wedding

Los zapatos fueron otro acierto. Se personalizaron especialmente para los colores de la boda. Se tiñeron en dorado y se añadieron cintas lila y doradas y piedras de Swarosky.

The shoes were another success. They have been especially dyed to the theme color: golden. And we added lilac and golden ribbons (lilac, ivory and golden weres the theme colors). We went further into the customization: Reshmi loves shiny things (and stationnery) and we asked the shoes designer to add some Swarosky stones on the heels. Brilliant and fantastic effect!

Departure to the reception site in order to get prepared for the hindu ceremony. Reshmi and Patrick were simply beautiful.

hindu wedding hindu wedding

Reshmi and Patrick chose one of the most impressive, romantic and so beautiful venue in Catalunya. The guests got very impressed when they came into the place. Reshmi preferred being in the venue earlier in order to be prepared and having her family  helping her.

hindu wedding

hindu wedding

La ceremonia hindú suele ser más larga que la católica. Duró 130 minutos, el cura pidió leche, coco, miel, tela para la oración, recipiente para el fuego, piedrecitas… Y, por supuesto, ¡el dios Ganesh!

And the ceremony begun… It lasted un hour and a half . As the priest explained me : » it’s a connection with God. You cannot do that in 20 mns.» For the ceremony he requested, milk, coconut, honey, stones, a container for the fire, fabric for prayers and colorful powders…and of course the Ganesh idol.

hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding hindu wedding

Mandap (which is the «stage and the structure») was composed of a white carpet on the floor, lots and lots of flowers on the pilars, rose petals on the lake, red carpet , red carnations on the chairs, 2 baskets of flowers for the ceremony and of course 2 long garlands of white and red flowers for the bride and groom (substitution of the ring).

Vestimentas hindús de los novios.

Bride and Groom outfit

hindu wedding

Centros de mesa altos, «exuberantes» en acorde con los colores de la boda, mucha flor lila y piedras y lazos dorados.

Details of the tables decoration: we were faithful to the theme colours. We chose a high centerpiece in order to stress the  indian celebration exuberance (the slogan here was «more is better») and inside we composed a magnificent bunch of purple flowers, with purple water beneath and a rose floating.  On the base, we spread purple rose petals and some golden stones and «dust». In order to put forward the golden color, we designed some  place cards with a gold ribbon and a nice bow. On the place card, we printed the names in indian font (samarkan for the experts) and la cerise sur le gâteau: a cute elephant. All printed in purple color of course.

hindu weddinghindu wedding

Eligimos toda la ropa de mesa de color marfíl para resaltar los colores lila y dorado de los centros y de los seatings.

All the table cloths, chair covers and bows were in ivory color so they could enhance the purple and golden colors.

Los nombres de mesa: en forma de elefante!

The name of the tables was elephants!

hindu wedding hindu wedding

La lista de invitados también se hizo en forma de elefantes ( ¡cómo no ). Decoramos cada uno con piedras strass lila. El elefante presidencial era más grande y con una decoración de piedras mucho más completa.

Pictures of the tables list: we kept here the elephant theme. Each table was an «elephant» made with a golden carton and some purple strass stones (for the elephant eyes). For the head table, we made the elephant bigger and with a complete decoration.


hindu weddingReshmi with her bridesmaid (Looooove this pic)

hindu wedding

El buffet tenía una sola consigna: todo debía ser 100% cocina hindú, e hindú de verdad. Se importaron los elefantes de tela para la descripción del os platos y añadimos una aguja de diamante.

The dinner was a buffet 100% indian (Hot Pakoras, Chicken Tikka Masala, Yellow Daal, Butter Chicken, Lamb Biryani, Kulfii with Kalooda…). Instead of the plain and dull tag with the name of the dish, we put some very colourful fabric elephants (especially imported from India) with some shiny diamant needles.

hindu wedding hindu wedding

Para acabar: el baile bollywood sorpresa que preparon las damas y «chicos» de honor. ¡Fue tremendo!

And to finish this preview, this is the kit dance! (with hard trainings till 4h am). Big surprise prepared by the bridesmaid and   the best men! First the ladies and after the men appeared. Great show guys!

hindu wedding hindu wedding

Espero que os haya gustado.

We hoped you enjoyed this wedding as much as we did.

Video: see their fantastic wedding video here.

Testimonial: read their recommendations here

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  1. Hi Deepta!
    Nice to have some news of you. But first of all: ALL l my sincere congratulations for your very soon wedding in Canada!!! You must be very excited about it. Please do not hesitate to send us a picture of you as bride and groom after, l’d love to see it.

    A très bientôt j’espère

  2. Hey Carol! As one of the bridesmaids, I’m very glad you appreciated the Sheila dance (and the song of course)…Sheila is too sexy for everybody. Your post is awesome! Can’t wait for the next update 🙂

    I shall sign off in my crappy Canadian french.

    Bien a vous,

    Deepta Srinath

  3. Asmae-Henna artist

    Hey! This was a great post for a wonderful wedding. I had the pleasure of assisting to one of those three days, and I was stunned with all the beauty and charm that surrounded the party. It was all very well organized and the results showed the amount of hours spent on it. The environment was great too: a very nice couple, with a beautiful family and good friends.
    Thank u for the great time we had 🙂

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